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Danlex Partners maintains distinguished expertise in corporate & commercial law, conveyance & land law, intellectual property law and alternative dispute resolution. Our advocates and lawyers are seasoned practitioners in these areas of law.
At Danlex Partners, we pride ourselves on our excellence, professionalism,reliability, innovativeness and accessibility.
To ensure strict adherence to these values, we have developed a Client Charter which each one of our employees has to abide by.

Code of Conduct and Ethics
At Danlex Partners, we embrace integrity, honesty & professionalism. We conduct our business ethically and we ensure that every member of staff undertakes to be a stickler to the LSK Code of Ethics and Conduct for Advocates.
Fidelity to the client’s best interest is our guiding star.

Danlex Partners -Advocates,IP Agents and ADR

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law

The Danlex Partners corporate and commercial team regularly advises businesses and business persons, offering services such as:

  • Corporate structuring and corporate governance advisory. Including the establishment of branches, subsidiaries, representative offices, regional headquarters, regional operating headquarters, partnerships, joint ventures and other types of business entities;
  • Obtaining government approvals, permits, licenses and registrations;
  • Preparing, negotiating and reviewing contracts for various corporate and commercial transactions. These include multijurisdictional joint ventures, shareholder agreements and intellectual property licensing;
  • Legal audits. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in legal auditing as well as implementation of audit reports;
  • Employment and labour relations. We handle the whole gamut of legal services related to labour from recruitment,relationship management to separation.
    These include drafting and negotiating contracts,drafting & reviewing HR manuals and other corporate policies, conducting disciplinary procedures and declaration of redundancy.
  • Dispute resolution support. We are adept at applying our expertise in purposeful research and in developing winning litigation and arbitration strategies.

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Danlex Partners advises a wide range of clients on the protection of their information technology and intellectual property rights. We are particularly prolific in trade marks and copyright where we are constantly assisting clients to protect and exploit their intellectual property.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Representing clients in contentious and non-contentious registration of trade marks, industrial designs, patents and copyright;
  • Drafting and negotiating talent agreements, licences, assignments, options and commissions;
  • Drafting and negotiating software development agreements and software licenses;
  • Representing clients in related disputes including counterfeiting,passing off and other IP infringements, royalty disputes, defamation,breach of confidentiality and privacy.

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Dispute Resolution

alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms

Our dispute resolution team is equipped to handle both litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms - with a primary focus on arbitration and commercial litigation. This leaning is largely attributable to our client base and our own rich experience as commercial and ADR practitioners.
Our vast experience acting as arbitrators and as counsel for parties in arbitration allows us a unique perspective on disputes.
In litigation, our experience encompasses all courts and tribunals in Kenya including the Retirement Benefits Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Conveyance and Real Estate Law

Our conveyancing practice handles all aspects real property law including:

  • Sales, subdivisions, leases, transfers, mortgages, charges, debentures,cautions, caveats, easements, change of user, licenses, powers of attorney, rectification of title, extension of Government leases, trusts relating to land, rights of access, and all aspects of property acquisition and development;
  • Advice on acquisition and sale of land, conducting due diligence, negotiating agreements on behalf of clients and drafting contracts suited to client’s needs;
  • Legal advisory services to real estate developers, investors, lenders, and business users in the acquisition, development, financing, sale and leasing of real estate;
  • Drafting of necessary legal agreements and instruments specific to each real estate transaction;
  • Applying for and obtaining the various consents required under the law as well as paying land rent and rates on behalf of clients;
  • Advising clients on changes in land laws, new Land Office procedures and generally on all aspects of land law.

Conveyance and Real Estate Law

Data Protection

Data Protection Act Kenya

The Data Protection Act has made it clear that stellar attention to the protection of personal data is crucial to business. Failure to comply with the Act will be met with hefty penalties and fines.

Consequently, businesses processing or controlling personal data now have urgent compliance requirements. A default can be an expensive financial and reputational risk.

Our advocates are well versed in data protection laws and practice and regularly advise on a broad range of data protection issues.

We help individuals and organisations negotiate this complex area of law, ensuring personal data is protected and helping to manage the consequences when it is not.

We do so as data protection officers for our clients or to simply assist our client navigate the legal and compliance landscape as issues arise.

Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

We value affiliations and are always excited to partner with professional bodies and networks that will add value to our Firm, staff or clients. Our advocates are members of the following professional societies:

  • Law Society of Kenya
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • East Africa Law Society

In addition, we have working relationships with legal professionals across various African countries. We are therefore able to offer seamless multijurisdictional support.

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